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The Chamber opens its doors to...

... Albert Meige 


Founder and CEO of Presans

Albert Meige has been an entrepreneur since his teenage years, and started his career by selling magic! He is now the CEO of Presans, a worldwide digital platform of experts, member of the CCFN. He is also the Director of the HEC executive program "Leading the Digital Transformation" and an expert for the Harvard Business Review of France. He authored several books on innovation, over a dozen peer-reviewed academic publications, as well as two patents. He can solve the Rubik's Cube in less than fifty seconds ... and has a Norwegian wife from Tromsø.

In which context do companies create innovation today?

Today there are three major trends that have transformed the way in which companies manage innovation.

First of all, companies evolve in a world where knowledge, the fuel of innovation, is no longer a rare commodity owned by a small group of big companies. Nowadays, there is a lot of knowledge available and distributed among a large number of entities that are becoming smaller and smaller. This has, of course, had an impact on how companies innovate. This is the era of open innovation.

We’ve also noticed an acceleration of innovation cycles with a functionalization of businesses, meaning that companies are selling less and less a product but rather a service or a function.  For example, earlier we sold a car, then in an intermediary period we were selling a car with a package of services (navigation service…), and now the goal of all players in mobility is to sell the function: “go from A to B at the request of the user”.

Finally, the digital transformation has brought new actors who appear on the historical value chain and who change the rules of the game. Among other things, they have considered businesses in an orthogonal way, by putting the maximization of the client’s satisfaction at the center of their preoccupation.

These three trends converge and evolve rapidly, largely because of the digital world.

What are the characteristics of an innovative company or open organization?

Open organizations - which are the natural form of businesses take as part of their digital transformation - share some common characteristics.

First, all these companies are functional and user orientated. They sell a function or service which aims at maximizing the final user’s satisfaction. This has a major impact on the underlying technologies, on the Business Model, on the kind of people the company needs and how to work etc. 

In addition, these companies are also data driven. They are not necessarily digital businesses, that is to say they are not necessarily selling an application but digital is in every function of the company and is at the service of the operational efficiency.

All these companies implement platform strategies. One type of platform strategy is to outsource some of the innovation to external ecosystems with which they have no subordinate relationship. For example, in a B2C context, when Apple launched the IPhone, they set up an infrastructure platform, the Apple Store, instead of developing all the applications themselves. This allows the outside world to innovate for the company by relying on its data and tools.  General Electric has set up a similar type of platform but in a B2B context with Predix, the first industrial application store. 

These companies also use talent on demand, which means that they organize themselves to mobilize around a project, a temporary team that will seek to meet a specific need. We therefore have a smoother and much more open organization of work.

Finally, these companies provide inspiring missions and seek to participate in the development of a better world to capture the younger generation of workers who want their work to make sense for society and to attract ecosystems who participate in the creation of innovation for the company. For example, Tesla's mission is not to sell cars but to accelerate the transition to an energetically sustainable world.

What kind of advice could you give to a company who wants to start its digital transformation?

There is no miracle recipe, digital transformation depends on many factors. Moreover, we do not have enough perspective to have theoretical knowledge on this subject. There are precursor companies from which operational knowledge can be derived. Thus, while taking inspiration from them, one must test, learn and advance. Nevertheless, if I were to give some advice that seems relevant to me, I would say that first of all we must approach the digital transformation from a systemic point of view, that is to say, by considering all the functions of the company as well as their interactions. We must also be vigilant about the culture and legacy of the company that can be the first obstacle to digital transformation. Finally, methods must be put in place to put the final user at the heart of the company's concerns. It is in accordance with these guiding principles that we support our industrial customers in the context of their digital transformation.

What are the societal risks of innovation and more particularly of Artificial Intelligence?

It is true that we have to consider the potential negative impacts that innovation might have on companies, individuals and on the society in general. If we take the case of Artificial intelligence, there is not a consensus about when we will reach the singularity point, that is to say the moment when the robot will have at least the same Intelligence as a human being. At that moment, we will notice a recursive phenomenon in which the designed Artificial Intelligences will have the power to create new Artificial Intelligences and so on until we get an Intelligence which is superior to the humane one. So, the big question then is to know if the objectives of Artificial Intelligence will be aligned with those of Humanity. This kind of question will be discussed during the event of general interest that we are organizing, “Dystopia”, which aims at questioning the impact of technologies on the society by crossing the views of the technologist, entrepreneur, philosopher and artist.   

In the spotlight


French-Norwegian Day 2018 on Artificial Intelligence

French Norwegian Forum on Artificial Intelligence on 11th October 2018.
Keynotes and panel discussions on Cybersecurity, Ethics, Finance and How to make A.I works for your company ... with exclusive speakers:
Adam Bonnifield, VP Artificial Intelligence, Airbus HQ in Toulouse (France)
Ann-Christine Andersen, Digital Chief officer, TechnicFMC
Johan H Andresen, Owner and chairman of Ferd Social Entrepreneurs AS and Chair of the Council of Ethics for the Norwegian Government Pension Fund
Tor Olav Mørseth, CEO,  Digital Norway
Lionel Grotto, CEO, Paris region Entreprises


Full programme and registration 


Constitution Act of the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, 20th of August 1919


CCFN 100 years anniversary in 2019!


2019 marks the 100 years’ anniversary of the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, created in Oslo in 1919.
The celebrations in Paris and Oslo will focus on the theme : "Let's build a sustainable future together" and will promote our values of Cooperation, Transformation and Sustainability.
In cooperation with our network of members and partners we wish to create a special anniversary programme: 

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How to support Norwegian businesses with respect to new requirements under French law

Caroline and Eva Joly

Over the last two years, there have been considerable developments in French law (Law No 2016-1691 dated 9 December 2016, known as Loi Sapin 2, and Law No 2017-399 dated 27 March 2017), with an emphasis on the duty of care requirement imposed on parent companies and contracting companies. In our role as lawyers regularly working for French and Norwegian companies, we have often observed a need to improve the management of their legal obligations in terms of compliance and transparency and a form of unpreparedness in the event of a dispute. We favour a pragmatic approach by providing management teams of French and Norwegian companies with concrete explanations and examples of potential risks and how to react in urgent circumstances or if they need advice.

In view of the wide scope of application of the above-mentioned laws, Norwegian companies operating in France can effectively be concerned by these new legal requirements.

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6th of September (3:30-5:00pm) : Intercultural Committee
"Communication between French headquarters and local branches"
With the participation of Anne-Lise Aukner, Managing Director of Nexans Norway and Ann Christine Moberg, Director of Implement Consulting Group.
Location : Oslo – CCFN, Oscarsgate 27



6th of September (5:00-8.00pm) : French Rentrée

Meet the main French organisations in Oslo and mingle with the French-Norwegian community. Over 200 participants are expected to attend this event. 20 of our members will present their products. A great opportunity to taste French food with the French-Norwegian community.



Location : Oslo – CCFN, Oscarsgate 27





11th of October : French-Norwegian Day 2018

Conference / Gala Dinner and award of the « Fransk-Norsk Trophée » 2018.

Location : Oslo – BI Norwegian Business School / Gamle Logen

Link to registration: here 



December 2018 : Pot de Noel (date to be communicated soon)

Our member will soon receive an invitation for our last event of 2018.

Location : Drammensveien 69, 0244 Oslo

Our latest events

From left to right : Sindre Walderhaug (President of the Administration Board of the CCFN), Pierre de Fontenay (Managing Director BNP Paribas), Sylviane Decuve (Senior economist, BNP Paribas), Egil Hogna (Executive vice President, Extruded Solutions, Hydro) Jean Francois Dobelle (French Ambassador in Norway), Ludovic Caubet (Managing director, CCFN), Gilles Debuire (Deputy Regional director, Business France Nordics).

BNP Paribas - Outlook 2018 - Opportunities in a changing world 
For the third year in a row, BNP Paribas organized in cooperation with the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce an Outlook conference to present the new opportunities for Norwegian companies to invest in France in 2018. This event focused on opportunities in a changing world with insights from Sylviane Delcuve’s macroeconomic perspective (Senior Economist at BNP Paribas).
France is reforming to boost economic growth, free up business to attract foreign investments and play a new role on the European and World stages. Gilles Debuire, Deputy Regional Director at Business France Nordics explained the latest initiatives to make France a better place for investors and entrepreneurs.
Egil Hogna, Executive Vice President, Extruded Solutions concluded this conference by sharing his experience from one of the largest Norwegian investors in France, Hydro.




Seminar « A new dynamic for French-Norwegian cooperation – Business opportunities »


Both France and Norway are countries where digitalization has a high priority on the political agenda.

On the 27th of February, the Norwegian Prime Minister Solberg and French President Macron met in Paris, and expressed a clear interest of improving and facilitating increased cooperation between French and Norwegian enterprises. Especially the fields of entrepreneurship, climate change and digitalization were emphasized as desirable business areas for bilateral collaboration.


Team Norway which gathers the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, the Norway's Embassy to France, Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Seafood council wished to answer this request by providing an arena to explore new cooperation possibilities.


The seminar started with a presentation of a new dynamic for French-Norwegian relations and the business opportunities growing as a result in the Entrepreuneurship, Digital and Sustainability fields.

Paris may now be seen as the new European Silicone Valley, with the world’s biggest startup campus, Station F, a 34,000-square-meter campus already gathering tech companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Ubisoft.

Pål Næss, Director of Entrepreneurs and Startups at Innovation Norway, Karl Christian, CEO at Oslotech and Rolf Assev, Partner at StartupLab shared their insights on Innovation & Entrepreneurship viewed from Norway.


This seminar was also the opportunity to share success stories on inspiring innovative bilateral cooperation, such as Lerøy and Carrefour, as well as Schibsted and Leboncoin, including their new accelerator in Paris, as well as being an arena for new acquaintances and inspiration.


Our partner, Implement Consulting Group, concluded this seminar with an interactive session, gathering all participants to think about the strategic themes for bilateral cooperation between France and Norway.






France-Norway Technology Partnership « Solutions for Cleaner Energy » Conference

In cooperation with NORWEP (Norwegian Energy Partners) and EVOLEN, the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (CCFN) organized the 3rd French-Norwegian Energy Forum in Paris on the 30th of May.

The conference focused on « Solutions for Cleaner Energy » and was intended to explore the ways the Energy Industry, both in the Oil and in the Gas sectors,  is developing  solutions in order to minimize their impact on the environment.

During the morning, Mrs Elisabeth Berge, Secretary and Head of the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Mrs Virginie Schwarz, Director for Energy at the French Ministry of ecological and Inclusive Transition, shared their views on the need and opportunities for both countries to cooperate in the energy field.

In the afternoon participants shared their takeaways on the collaborative innovation solutions in two dedicated workshops: “upstream cleaner energy” and “offshore wind”.

Almost 100 companies from France and Norway attended this event.



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Attorney Knut Macdonald Aursnes is a lawyer from the University of Oslo and holds a Master's Degree (DEA) in law from the CERIC Institute at Université Paul Cézanne in Aix en Provence. The Law firm Macdonald Aursnes cooperates with the law firm Ramzan in Aix en Provence



Main contact : Livia-Ida  GIORDANO-DORET

Tøyengata 29 A
0578 Oslo

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Atypique is a French artisan soap factory. They make natural soaps, without any toxic or artificial additives. Their soaps are creamy, mild to the skin and suitable for all skin types. They also offer 100% natural creams. A production and sales room have just opened near the Botanical Garden in Oslo. Atypique is inspired by slow cosmetic and zero waste trends in order to offer products which are respecting the environment and the human health. They sell our products to individuals, distribute to stores, and offer personalized designed products for special events (weddings, various parties) as well as business gifts with the possibility to put the company’s logo on each soap.





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At Mondå they help people understand better the Norwegian and Scandinavian cultures by the use of entertaining illustrations and stories explaining the peculiarities of Scandinavian behaviours in and outside work. Mondå has published four books in Norway from three authors and two in Sweden. Julien Bourrelle is  the founder of the project and travels around Scandinavia and Europe holding lectures and courses about the peculiarities of the Scandinavian cultures. Being from Montreal, he speaks French with a funny accent and looks forward to joining the French community in Oslo through CCFN.


Main contact : Laurent   KIST


Atis is offering : Staffing and Inspection Worldwide -Inspection Engineering (risk analysis, inspection plan, procedure, method) -Inspection of installation (pressure vessels, lifting, structures) - Quality assurance and control - Non destructive test and expertise - Rope access work - Training center - Technical assistance Subsidiaries in Angola-Congo-Gabon.



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