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July 2014 - N°1
The Chamber opens the doors to...
Kristin Skogen Lund's Office
Director general of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
You have done an MBA at INSEAD Paris in 1991-92, which souvenirs do you keep in mind from this period in France?
The most important souvenirs I keep in mind are the lessons I learnt both on academic and personal levels. Academically, INSEAD provided a highly challenging and stimulating international environment. INSEAD made me work hard for new knowledge, but the hours at the library were well spent. On a personal level, my year at INSEAD taught me a lot as well. Breaking up from everyday routines and surroundings can be difficult.  
Back  home,  you  have  family,  friends,  colleagues  and classmates who know you and support you, and their expectations contribute towards defining your traits and characteristics as well. In a new place and in new surroundings, it is up to you alone to define yourself, decide who you are and what you stand for. That is certainly challenging, but it is also an enormous opportunity for growth and self-discovery. In sum, I remember a year of good experiences, a year spent with good friends, some of them friends for life, and a year of learning and hard work. And finally, I fondly remember living in the beautiful city of Fontainebleau.
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Young Chamber Club Oslo
The Young Chamber Club Oslo (YCCO), a club under the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, is mostly aimed at young professionals (25 to 35 years old), entrepreneurs and students living in Norway. It intends to build up a network between those interested in joining the French-Norwegian community. 
YCCO offers its almost 100 registered members an afterwork every first Wednesday of the month as well as events, conferences, seminars and company meetings. Last month the members had the opportunity to attend a “speaking in public” seminar and next month a visit to the Norwegian Parliament is organized.
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