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Intercultural Workshop on "Negotiating-Deal making" - 14th of March 2018

This new workshop focused on “Negotiating-Deal making” with the expertise of two CCFN members.

The first speaker was Mr Christian Romer Vingtoft, Partner at Implement Consulting Group. In his current position, he has been leading negotiations for the last 8 years and notably worked for the EU and the UN. With 25 years of experience negotiating in more than 40 countries, Christian shared his key success factors to undertake commercial negotiations in an intercultural context. Christian introduced this new workshop by highlighting the fact that stereotypes and the way we look at each other influence the way we negotiate.

Mrs Annie PIN, the second speaker and CEO at ALD Automotive AS, European leader in mobility services, wanted to take this intercultural workshop as an opportunity to share her good and bad experiences on how to negotiate as a foreigner in a new country (France, Norway, Denmark, China, and so on) with the participants. She insisted on the fact that cultural differences in negotiations are very important as well as gender differences in a man’s world.

Most of the CCFN companies’ members face the same problem: how do we build a company with different cultures and negotiate internationally?

Christian insisted on how difficult it can be to activate the “slow mode” of the brain in order to think, build and prepare a good negotiation. Several ways of doing this exist. Building a preparation game internally or discussing the negotiation to come with our colleagues could be one of those.

Based on how the human brain works, the negotiators tend to focus more about stereotypes than the people in front of them. Christian encourages to “not culturally stereotype and think of the person first”. Finding what really matters to the interlocutors and what people value the most is one of the keys for succeeding in negotiations. Annie pointed out the difficulty in Business to find “win-win” situations and how she has worked to understand what is new in order to develop business opportunities (for example through online training). To know more about this, Christian referred to the book “Give and take” by Adam Grant.

Finally, Christian illustrated how Negotiating – Deal Making between Norwegian and French people can be even more complicated when we refer to the Lewis Model about cultural types.


French people are considered to be “linear” and jumping into final conclusions whilst Norwegians will most likely communicate in a “multi-active” way, trying to find explorative ways.

The presentation of this session is now available. Please send an email to Marine Gaugain at

The CCFN would like to thank all the participants, the two speakers and, most particularly, Implement Consulting Group for this successful event.



I 2017

The fully connected aircraft meets the fully connected Oil & Gas platform - May 2017

As the Energy industry is not the only one hit by the Digital wave, we thought that it might be inspiring to share information and learn from probably one of the most Hi Tech and advanced industries: Aerospace.

Following the French-Norwegian forum on digital competences and solutions transforming the Energy industry in Paris (May 31st), we extended our stay in France and invited a delegation of Norwegian Energy companies including an Oil & Gas operator, Oil & Gas suppliers, digital experts from NORWEP and the University of Oslo (SIRIUS) to participate in a workshop organised at Airbus Headquarter in Toulouse.

The main goal of the learning expedition was to get insights on the French Aeronautics/Aerospace Digital Transformation and study potential for digital cross industry cooperation between the Aerospace & Energy industries.

“Digital transformation is a race!” did our interlocutor in charge of the new Airbus digital platform tell us. Airbus is building one big platform consolidating all information about all products, and the key for a successful platform is to bring enough flexibility in term of adding and removing applications and its capacity to have a user centric conception. Part of the agility required in such processes is to be selective and not hesitate to rapidly kill unsuccessful ideas. One of the objectives is that the digital platform will lead Airbus to build a fully connected aircraft.

French and Norwegian participants of the workshop shared information about corporate organisation of DTO, ways of structuring digital platforms, cloud Vs. on premise data storage…

During the workshop, we identified several relevant topics showing synergies and potential for cooperation between the two industries. As this is the case for the Oil & Gas industry, Airbus must have zero default in operations. Both industries’ products face very harsh conditions during lifetime. The vision of fully connected Oil & Gas operations is not very far from the fully connected aircraft imagined in the future. We are addressing the same challenges and we all agreed that this first cross industrial meeting focusing on Digital Transformation was very valuable for both industries and that we need to go further, to learn from each other, think outside the box and stimulate Open Innovation.

The French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce will work to organise a follow up, probably in Norway, as agreed during the workshop. We will inform our members and partners about this next event very soon.

For further information about this event and follow-up please contact Ludovic Caubet at

Digital Competences and Solutions transforming the Energy industry - 31st of May 2017

The French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce organised in cooperation with Norwegian Energy Partners NORWEP and EVOLEN a bilateral Energy Forum in Paris on the 31st of May on the topic Digital Competences and Solutions transforming the Energy industry. More than 140 companies from France and Norway attended this event.

Following a political introduction from H.E. Ingvil Smines Tybring-Gjedde, Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Energy in Norway, Key note speakers from Total, Statoil, ENGIE, Aker BP, Technip FMC, Schneider Electric, Schlumberger... emphasized the significance of digital solutions in the Energy industry. The Energy industry is already extensively using IT technology and digitalisation, but the rapid technological development generates new opportunities.

All the companies in the energy sector are today massively investing in the digital transformation of their business. Towards 2020 Statoil expects to invest NOK 1-2 billion in new digital technologies, accelerating the digital roadmap work.

The main challenge for most of the companies is today how to build the most accurate, scalable and secured digital platform which will improve work processes, predict maintenance needs and therefore optimize asset management. Advanced data analytics will lead to better decision making. Artificial Intelligence will improve safety and security by replacing human activity in dangerous operations. Reliability will be enhanced and cost reduced.

For further information about this event and follow-up please contact Ludovic Caubet at

Smart Cities: How to move forward - 19th of May 2017

Gordon Falconer, Global Director of Smart Cities at Schneider Electric, came to Norway on the 19th of May to hold talks about how smart cities will become reality in a seminar organised by Schneider Electric Norge and the French Norwegian Chamber of Commerce.

"Laws, rules and contracts prevent cities from using technology that is already available. It's not the technology that's wrong, but the complexity of the cities that makes it difficult to use the technology", says Falconer.

Director of Strategy and Business Development in Schneider Electric Norway, Elyette Roux, is very happy with the visit.

"Gordon has become a celebrity as far as urbanization, digitalization and smart cities are concerned. I am very excited that even more people in Norway will benefit from his knowledge. Gordon has not only held talks about smart cities for several years, he has actually been building them from scratch, says Roux.

Falconer has a background as a developer and smart city consultant. He has previously worked as Director of Urban Innovation at Cisco and Managing Director of Strategy and Property at Masdar City in Abu Dhabi. Now the Scot travels around the world in the task of helping cities actually become smarter.

The Energy Networking Event: International Perspectives on the Norwegian continental shelf

TechnipFMC, the French Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (CCFN) and the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) organized in Oslo the Energy Networking Event, on Tuesday the 16th of May, on the topic “International perspective on the Norwegian Continental Shelf”.


The first speaker was Mr. Pierre Bang, Managing Director of Total E&P Norge. Following a brief presentation of his company, of which the core business focuses on the oil & gas sector, he explained that Total went through an important review of its strategy concluding that the company has now to take an active part of providing solutions to Climate change. It is one of the first companies to have integrated it in its business plan. Today, 5% of the company’s capital is employed for renewable energies, Total having acquired such companies as Sunpower, producing solar panels, or Saft, an energy storage company. Total has decided to divest from coal production, and increase the share of gas production up to 60%, when Total’s production used to be closer to half oil – half gas.

They are eager to develop their business on low carbon, proving it with the recent signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) along with Gassnova, Statoil and Shell to participate in the Technology Center Mongstad’s CCS development project. Total will invest 10% of its R&D on CCS!


His presentation was followed by Mr. Halfdan Millang, CEO of Rosneft Nordic Oil. Currently producing 5 million oil barrels in Norway, the Russian company has many reasons to be present on the Norwegian market. They consider it as a tier 1 region: it is politically stable, has a steady fiscal regime, and is technologically well developed. The company considers North Sea Barents as probably one of the most attractive offshore regions in the world, being a relatively low risk investment area, and a recent study from Rystad showed relatively low exploration expenditure and competitive development costs.


The last speaker was Ms. Ann Christin Andersen, Managing Director Norway for TechnipFMC. Having industrial activity for 40 years, approximately 3 100 employees in the country, and working on eight different sites, TechnipFMC is strong in Norway. The Norwegian market has strong clusters, capable and demanding customers, academia, and lot of competency in the subsea industry. As co-creation is incentivized as well as there is a high level of trust, it is a market full of opportunities to evolve in, in which moreover investments are picking up after three years of deflation.


The presentation was followed by a panel discussion featuring the three speakers where they expressed how their companies experienced the lately difficult times.


The CCFN would like to thank all the participants and partners for this successful event.


We look forward to working again with TechnipFMC and NRCC, and hope to see you as numerous at our next event.

Breakfast meeting Norwegian procurement process for public tenders: a case for transportation

The French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and Business France organised on the 11th of May a breakfast seminar on Norwegian procurement processes in cooperation with Gambit H+K, Brækhus Advokatfirma, and the Economic Service of the French Embassy in Norway. This breakfast seminar took place at Gambit H+K in Oslo.

The breakfast seminar started with a presentation of the Norwegian economy by Emmanuel Gabla, Economic Counsellor at the French Embassy in Norway.

Afterwards there was a presentation of the Norwegian National transport plan  2018-2029 (12 years-plan – rotated every 4 years – which defines how the government plans to prioritise resources within the transport sector) and an introduction of the legal side of Norwegian procurement processes for public tenders by Christian Bendiksen, Lawyer specialized in public tenders, in Brækhus Advokatfirma. He indicated how to identify public tenders via Doffin and brought to light an overview of the procurement process in Norway. He shared information about the ITT (Invitation To Tender) and how to get the tender right. Christian Bendiksen explained the functioning of negotiations and showed what usually happens after the contract award.

Finally, two account directors from Gambit Hill+Knowlton : Tord Bergesen, a former political advisor, and Steffen Fjærvik, a former journalist, explained how politics and media affect Norwegian procurement processes. They payed particular attention to the fact that Norwegian media are going through a digital age now. Moreover, they insisted upon the fact that there is transparency and a tradition for critical journalism in Norway. They then presented the main Norwegian media actors, including local news like Polaris Media, and their political influences.

« It’s difficult to win a procurement process in the media, but it’s easy to lose one. »

Breakfast Seminar - Outlook 2017: Opportunities in a changing world

On Thursday 2nd of March the French Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (CCFN) and BNP Paribas organized in Oslo a breakfast seminar on the outlook of 2017. The speakers shared the views of their companies on the world economy and what is at stake in the current challenging environment. The main topics covered were political and financial instability in the main areas (US, China, Europe), the energy markets as well as the opportunities for business diversification.

The first speaker was Sylviane Delcuve, senior economist at BNP Paribas. After presenting a historical analysis of European, American and Japanese interest rates, and defining the key questions raised for the year 2017, she exposed the unexpected economic situations in the United States and Britain following the election of Donald Trump and the Brexit. She also displayed the slackening Chinese and Norwegian economic environments before portraying in her conclusion the possible future outcomes for the United States and Europe.

Her presentation was followed by Zita Marko Daatland, head of macro and energy market analysis at Statoil, presenting her company’s long-term energy perspectives (to 2040). “The main challenge is, by 2030, to allow everyone to have affordable and clean energy”, she said.

She based her presentation on 3 different potential scenarios: reform, an outcome where there are energy efficiency improvements and economic restructuring, rivalry, i.e. more emissions as no country curtails its carbon emissions in a world lacking coordinated policies, and renewal, i.e. countries start exploiting renewable energies consistent with the target to limit global warming to 2°Celsius. (For further information on the subject, click here).

She acknowledged the difficulty of forecasting development in global energy market. Notwithstanding this, one thing is certain: nowadays an energy company cannot focus only on one type of energy. Developing only clean energies or only oil and gas is inconceivable, it has to do both.

Finally, Dagfinn Ringås detailed Schneider Electric’s plan for Green Growth in Norway. By 2020, it is forecasted that energy consumption will growth by 50%, a considerable challenge as CO2emissions need to be halved by 2. He highlighted that Schneider Electric has many domains to curb those emissions – smart homes, smart cities, infrastructures, electric vehicles, shipping industry etc.

The tool selected by his company to achieve this objective is digitalisation: iot, connected devices and smart meters will enable to have a real-time control over the energy consumption, allowing a better data analysis via different apps, leading to a more efficient energy consumption.

Some experimentation was already undergone in Drammen, where the schools and sport park was supervised with Schneider Electric’s technology, allowing a significant drop in energy consumption. The potential is huge and the current challenges are to focus on the right domains.

The CCFN would like to thank all the participants and partners for this successful event.

Breakfast seminar: Navigating right for the future

The French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (CCFN), Gambit H+K Strategies and AmCham organized in Oslo a breakfast seminar, on Wednesday the 1st of February, dedicated to the future of maritime defence in the High North and International cooperation.

Øystein Bø, Norway’s State Secretary (MoD), opened the seminar. He presented the long term plan for the Norwegian defence, capability (e.g. capability of investment) and sustainability (e.g. budget increase, modernisation) being the key elements of it. He also underlined the importance of international cooperation.

His address was followed by a panel discussion featuring Lars Saunes, Rear Admiral and Chief of the Royal Norwegian Navy, Thomas Fraïoli, Commander of the French Navy & Analyst at the French Directorate of Defence Strategy, and Jim Dehart, Chargé d’affaires at the US embassy in Oslo. They discussed the strategic, operational and industrial opportunities and challenges of the High North, before answering questions from the audience and the moderator, Kristian Norheim from Gambit H+K. Arctic will be a much more opened sphere in the coming years, with new economic opportunities but also challenges and security issues. 

The CCFN would like to thank all the participants and partners for this successful event.

We hope to see you as numerous (80 participants) as today at our next event. 

Sustainable mobility Seminar and Test drive

The French Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and ALD Automotive organized on the 20th of January a breakfast seminar on “Sustainable mobility” to get an insight of the future development of electric vehicles in Norway. The participants were shown Oslo’s perspective on the EVs, the expectations of the customers, the technologies’ evolution and the advantages of having an electric vehicle as company cars or private lease (incentives, tax…).

The topic of this seminar was driven by the facts that Norway has the largest fleet of plug-in electric vehicles per capital in the world and that Oslo is being recognized as the worldwide EV capital.

Tim Albertsen, Group deputy of ALD Automotive, opened the seminar by presenting the sustainable mobility plan of his company. He was followed by Christina Bu, Secretary General of Elbilforening, who talked about the future of electric vehicles in Norway. She presented the incentives and the development of EVs infrastructure in the country. Sture Portvik, Project manager for EV infrastructure in the city of Oslo, showed the audience the results of EV’s impact in Oslo. Finally, Nils-Henrik Holmen, managing director of Renault Norge, and Pål Simonsen, Director of Northern Europe of Tesla, presented their electric models, the Renault Zoe & Twizy and the Tesla S & X.

The talks were followed by a test drive of Renault and Tesla models.

The CCFN would like to thank all the participants and partners for this successful event.

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Summer Party 2016

The annual Summer Party organized by the CCFN and Oslo International Hub took place Thursday 25th of August in our premises at Oscars gate 27 in Oslo.
More than 150 participants from the French-Norwegian business community joined the Summer Party.

The concept of this day is to create a French market in which several of our members present their products/services and offer food tasting. Our partners at this event were Pernod Ricard Norway; Meetings & Events by Club Med; Peugeot, Citroën, DS (Bertel O. Steen); Oliviers&Co, Salma; Sarrazac, MaPoule; Yoplait; Chef Gouttebel; Kervelo bike; Mustela; Tara Anthun and Institut Français.

A quiz was organized with many prizes to win, generously offered by our partners, including a Club Med all inclusive 7 nights' holiday for two people in any Club Med Sun resort anywhere in the world.


We thank the French Ambassador to Norway, H.E. Jean-François Dobelle, all our partners and all the participants for making this Summer Party such a successful event.  



North Sea CO2 Value Chain - A French-Norwegian post Cop21 cross industry project

   The French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and its Board has just initiated an ambitious project to assess potential for a Post COP21 French-Norwegian cross industry collaborative approach to Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS). This project comes as a natural follow-up on the energy value chain decarbonisation ambition set by both France and Norway during the COP21 summit. Recent CCS initiatives struggled because of the low CO2 price in Europe. The originality of our project is to focus on a sustainable business model connected to the utilization of the CO2 on a cross-industry and transnational frame.

   We organised the 7th of June in Pau a workshop dedicated to discuss this issue with all French and Norwegian stakeholders. We managed to gather 40 top representatives from 25 companies and organizations from the whole value chain: Gas users, CO2 emitters, Oil & Gas operators, Technology providers, State entities (French Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea and the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy), financial institutions and Service firms. Quality of presentations from all the experts and debates allowed us to define a new scope of work and time line for our project.

   For further information about this project, please contact Ludovic Caubet, Managing Director -



CCFN brought a Norwegian delegation to Pau – June 2016

The French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce brought a Norwegian delegation to Pau on the 6th, 7th and 8th of June in cooperation with INTSOK, Pôle Avenia, the French-Norwegian Foundation and the Norwegian Embassy. Norway was for the first time the official guest country of the annual event “Les Rendez-vous Geosciences” organised by Pôle Avenia.

Opening of the conference with Mr François Bayrou, Mayor of Pau and Jean-Louis Olivet, President of the Pôle Avenia.

   In paralel to conferences and BtoB meetings, the CCFN organised a workshop on Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS). 40 French and Norwegian top representatives from 25 companies and organizations of the whole value chain discussed the potential for cooperation: Gas users, CO2 emitters, Oil & Gas operators, Technology providers, State entities (French Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea and the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy), financial institutions and Service firms. This workshop is part of an ambitious Post Cop21 CO2 value chain project that the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce has recently initiated.

   The Norwegian delegation has also been received at the city hall of Pau.

Reception at the Pau city Hall with H.E. Rolf Einar Fife, Norwegian Ambassador to France.

   The following day, on the 8th of June, Total's main R&D center, CFTSJ, hosted the Norwegian delegation.

   Statoil and Total presented their R&D programs and all Norwegian companies had the opportunity to pitch a selection of French potential partners, including experts from Total.

   Total host in its R&D centre Pangea, the world’s industrial most powerful computer: 6.7 petaflops, equivalent to 80,000 individual laptops combined!

   This first business trip to Pau was a success. Promising cooperation between companies has been initiated and we identified new opportunities to go further with this project.


   We thank all our partners who helped us to set up a very rich program. INTSOK, the national agency promoting Norwegian Oil and Gas capabilities in international markets gave us a highly motivating feedback: “We appreciate the fantastic support we get from the Norwegian – French Chamber of Commerce. They have become a key driver in the French –Norwegian cooperation in the Energy business. We wish them the best of luck with their CCS initiative.” Werner Karlsson, Regional Director Europe, Middle East and Engineering Hubs. 


Oslo - International forum with a twist and "Fish & Champagne" cocktail

   On May 26th the French-Norwegian Chamber of commerce co-organized with Oslo Chamber of Commerce an international forum with a “fish and champagne” cocktail.

   This forum focused on the internationalization from two points of view, with the presentation of Ekornes and Oslo municipality.

   Trine-Marie Hagen, CFO of Ekornes presented the successful internationalization of the company, which is now the largest furniture producer in the Nordic countries.

   From another point of view, Geir Lippestad, Oslo municipality´s new commissioner for Industry and Ownership, told us about Oslo’s strategy to be better at fostering entrepreneurship, startups and attract foreign companies.

   This seminar, attended by around 80 persons, was followed by a cocktail and a short presentation of two Pernod Richard Champagnes and a degustation of fish tapas.

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Oslo - Learning Expedition - French-Norwegian Open Innovation Forum

   The French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce organized in collaboration with Paris & Co a Learning Expedition with the Innovation Managers of 25 Main French Companies (Airbus, Total, Michelin, EDF, Orange…) in order to introduce them to the innovation ecosystem in Norway.

   The program started on April 4th with the visit of Oslo’s main start-ups incubators (MESH, Sentralen and Oslo StartupLab), Oslo Tech and the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, in order to present our cross-industry projects and accelerator role for French companies in Norway to the delegation. In the evening they had dinner at Frognerseteren  in Holmenkollen, with the presence of H.E.M Jean-François Dobelle, French Ambassador to Norway and H.E.M. Rolf Einar Fife, Norwegian Ambassador to France.

   On April 5th, the French delegation participated to the first French-Norwegian Open Innovation Forum, with interventions of professionals on how to generate innovation in Norway, and a succession of Start-up battles. Both Ambassadors participated to the forum.

   The various interventions showed the Norwegian innovation ecosystem as well as the collaborative management functioning in Norway, and also what France can learn from Scandinavian design in the digital area. The forum was animated by 4 sessions of “Start-up battles”. A selection of 12 Norwegian Start-ups had the opportunity to pitch their projects to the French Corporates for 3 minutes and then answering questions. Viva Labs, from the Oslo StartupLab incubator won the battle with their Smart Home concept and will have the opportunity to enjoy a one-month soft landing program at a Paris&Co incubator free of charge.

   The delegation participated then to the Subsea Valley Ice Breaker cocktail organized for the opening of the forum, with the theme « Energy for Innovation – Innovating Energy ». The evening ended with a French After at Mesh incubator.

   The Learning Expedition ended on April 6th with the participation of the group to the opening of the Subsea Valley Conference 2016, with the Petroleum and Energy Minister Tord Lien, and Statoil CEO Eldar Sætre. By the end of the morning, still as part of the forum, Albert Meige, founder and CEO of Presans, animated a MasterClass on the theme of « Open Innovation in a Digital World ».

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Oslo - Seminar Investing in French-speaking Africa: France-Norway collaboration for success in new markets


    The French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Norwegian Association for Business in Africa organized on the 8th of March a Seminar, based on French-Norwegian collaboration for succeeding on new markets in the French-speaking Africa.

    The seminar gathered around 60 participants, with the presence of Arnaud Vaissié, co-founder of International SOS and chairman of CCI France International, and H.E. Jean-François Dobelle, recently appointed French Ambassador to Norway. 

    The various presentations highlighted the business opportunities and success factors in French-speaking Africa. They also pointed out the mains aspects to deal with regarding legal aspects or responsabilities in this market.

   The Chamber would like to thank all the speakers for the quality of their presentations.

    We will organize a follow-up of this seminar later this year.

Paris - Afterwork Franco-Nordique - Njutbar

   La Chambre de Commerce Franco-Norvégienne, la Chambre de Commerce Franco-Finlandaise, ANSA Paris, l'Association Å, le club Franco-Finlandais and NPIP would like to thank those who participated yesterday at the afterwork Franco-Nordique at Njutbar.

   A special thanks to Melissa Forss for doing an interesting and motivational speech!

   Six years ago Melissa decided to sell all her belongings, pack her suitcase and move to France. As a reward for all the enthousiasm and optimisms she has, Melissa got hired by Google six months before her graduation. Melissa told us about her experiences as a Nordic expat in France and the importance of breaking out from your comfort zone.

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Consequences of the COP21 for companies in Norway


Many thanks to all the participants of our seminar “Consequences of the COP 21 Paris agreement for companies in Norway“ organized on the 21st of January in collaboration with Science Po Alumni Norway.

The panel, moderated by Amir Sasson, Professor at BI Norwegian Business School, was composed by Terje Osmundsen, SVP Business Development at Scatec Solar, Marius Holm, General Manager at ZERO, Per Anker-Nilssen, Senior Advisor Innovation and Business Development at NHO and Hedda Felin, VP Safety, Sustainability and Compliance at Statoil.

 After the recent COP21 held in Paris a few months ago, aiming at containing global warming, the discussion yesterday was about energy transition and opportunities connected to this game changer for companies in Norway and Norwegian companies abroad. All speakers greeted French diplomacy for the success of the Paris agreement. Jean-Marc Pommeray, first counselor of the French embassy in Norway underlined the fact that Norway was very important during the negotiation. In Paris, Norway was indeed perceived as a main partner.

We debated about the role the Norwegian Pension fund could play to set new standards for a greener economy, the breakthrough of solar energy in many parts of the world and opportunities for new companies, small niche actors or traditional Oil & Gas operators to invest in this cluster, on the consumers’ side the importance of the world's most influential companies committed to renewable power (RE100 project), the role of gas in the transition to replace coal…

 The French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce will arrange a follow-up on this topic during the year and integrate opportunities connected to the Energy transition during our seminar “French-Norwegian cooperation to develop business in Africa” to be held in Oslo in March. 


"Breakfast briefing”

Breakfast briefing about ”International Companies and a Changing Norwegian Tax Landscape” organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Norway and Arntzen de Besche Advokatfirma and in partnership with the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, the British-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and the Norwegian-German Chamber of Commerce. 


"Les Business Lunsj"

Thursday 10th of September held the second edition of ”Les Business Lunsj” in Sjømagasin Tjuvholmen in Oslo, on the theme of Digital Transformation.

What does it take to master Digital Transformation?

Digital mastery is a combination of two separate but related dimensions: “Digital capabilities” which is the investment in technology-enabled initiatives to change how the company operates, and “Leadership capabilities” which creates the right conditions to drive digital transformation throughout the organization. Digital Masters are companies that use digital technologies to drive significantly higher levels of profit, productivity and performance. 

Karl Thomas shared with our guests elements of a research conducted in collaboration between Capgemini Consulting and MIT Center for Digital Business as well as his past experiences in this domain.

We thank the Event committee of the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, Champagne Mumm and restaurant Sjømagasin Tjuvholmen for the organization of this event.


Paris - New Year's Cocktail

    To start off the new year, the CCFN in Paris invited all members to a New Year’s cocktail on the 12th of January. The venue for this event was the Galérie Sylvie Le Page, where the Norwegian painter Bjørn Strandenes was currently presenting his exhibition “Nordic Lights”. In addition to the beautiful paintings, we were also so lucky to have received wine from Norwegian wine producer Katharina Mowinckel from Château K and lovely salmon prepared to us by SALMA.

    The turnout was great and we could not have imagine a better start to the year. Thank you to everyone who showed up!


France-Norway Oil & Gas Technology Partnership Workshops

   INTSOK, GEP AFTP, in cooperation with the French Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and the French Norwegian Foundation, organized a Forum to develop further French-Norwegian cooperation for Oil & Gas Subsea solutions and Marine operations, and introduce solutions for cleaner production. The event took place on May 28th, 2015, at the Pôle Léonard de Vinci (La Défense, Paris)

An event supported by:


Find the presentations from the speakers below:

Det Norske - The transformed Norwegian independent

28 May 2015 , Geir Solli, Senior Vice President, Det Norske


GDF SUEZ E&P International projects & challenges

28 May 2015 , Jean-François Letellier, Senior Vice President Projects, Engie (GDF SUEZ)


Offshore Developments - New challenges, New Strategies

28 May 2015 , Jean-Marc Letournel, Group VP Business & Technology, Technip


Deep-water solutions for the future

28 May 2015 , Artem Lytkin, VP Technology Strategy, Research & Innovation, Aker Solutions


BW Offshore - A world wide FPSO operator

28 May 2015 , Jon Myran, Head of Best Practices, BW Offshore


Offshore construction opportunities and challenges

28 May 2015 , Bruno Ferreol, Engineering & Technology Director, Paris, Subsea 7


Cost efficiency in subsea driven by industry collaboration

28 May 2015 , Bjørn Søgård, Director Subsea and Floaters, DNV GL


Siemens Subsea Power Grid - a solution for cost efficient subsea processing

28 May 2015 , Espen Bostadløkken, Head of Global Sales, Siemens


Cost effective shallow water field developments

28 May 2015 , Ingvar Grøtberg, Manager Field development, FMC


Subsea power - Powering increased recovery

28 May 2015 , Tor Eivind Moen, Vice President, ABB


Smart Water Injection Solution for Reduced Cost and Added Value

28 May 2015 , Torbjørn Hegdal, Business Development Manager, SEABOX


EHouse, Optimized Quality, Cost & Delivery

28 May 2015 , Nicolas Descazeaud, Key Account Manager, Schneider Electric


Ship designs for the future

28 May 2015 , Ivar Knutsen, Vice President Special Projects, VARD


Cost Effective Ships

28 May 2015, Martijn de Jongh, Chief Designer PSV/MPSV of Ship Design & Systems, Rolls-Royce Marine


Subsea X-mas tree installation in deep waters, West Africa

28 May 2015, Patrick Belenfant, Senior Vice President, Bourbon


Reducing Risk and Improving Weather Window in Offshore Lifting Operation

28 May 2015 , Kristian Helland, Product Manager, Cranemaster


Marine operations in the splash zone

28 May 2015 , Bernt Schjetne, International Sales Manager, PREZIOSO Linjebygg AS


Glamox AS – Lighting solutions for Oil & Gas and Marine industry

28 May 2015 , Jan Butte Ulvin, International Manager, Glamox


Your vessels HiPAP, simply a DP reference? Or an efficient gateway to life of field positioning, deformation monitoring and environmental monitoring?

28 May 2015 , Spencer Collins, Sales Manager Subsea Construction, Kongsberg


Deep C subsea utility vehicle for deepwater operations

28 May 2015 , Odd Gustav Kvalvåg, Managing Director, Deep C


Spoolbase and reeled pipelaying vessels for deepwater

28 May 2015 , Erik Christiani, Project Engineering Manager, EMAS AMC


Xait Porter - Focus. Collaborate. Create.

28 May 2015 , Christer Bjørnø-Husa, Senior Business Development Manager, Xait


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"We also appreciate the fantastic support we get from the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce . They have become a key driver in the French –Norwegian cooperation in the Energy business. We wish them the best of luck with their CCS initiative."

Werner Karlsson - INTSOK

«Fransk-Norsk Handelskammer gjør mye, og har sin fulle del i en større enhet som jeg har ansvar for å koordinere. Ambassadens økonomiske rådgiver, UbiFrance /AFII, FNHK, Frankrikes Eksportråd i Norge, BPI France (Frankrikes offentlige investeringsbank) og de franske regionene er en del av denne store gruppen. Målet er åpenhet og løpende dialog, slik at vi sammen kan øke Frankrikes utenrikshandel.»

Jean-Marc Rives
Frankrikes tidligere Ambassadør til Norge 
– Kontakt 103

"The FNCC helped me in my approach of the Norwegian market and allowed me to succeed with my entrepreneurship project in Norway, thanks to its contacts. The FNCC is a major platform for business relations between France and Norway due to both the experience and the expertise of its employees."

Alain Lahouratate
Director of Sarrazac AS

"Siden januar 2009 har Fransk-Norsk Handelskammer tatt seg av lønnsadministrasjonen for vår struktur i Norge. Fransk-Norsk Handelskammer gir oss rask service av god kvalitet, og vår kontaktperson gir oss alltid raske tilbakemeldinger, minner oss på visse tidsfrister og oppdaterer oss på viktig informasjon.
Jeg er svært tilfreds med samarbeidet vi har hatt med FNHK i flere år nå, og håper at dette samarbeidet fortsetter lenge."

Benoît Flageul

    • AirFrance KLM
    • AirLiquide
    • BI Norwegian Business School
    • BNP Paribas
    • Bolloré Logistics
    • Brækhus
    • Bureau Veritas
    • Cap Gemini
    • Citroën Norge
    • DCNS
    • DLA Piper
    • Equinor
    • INSA Toulouse
    • Nexans
    • Peugeot
    • Schneider Electric
    • SopraSteria
    • Technip
    • Total
    • Vinci Concessions
    • zGassco

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