Changing Arctic

The Institut français de Norvège and the Research Council of Norway in cooperation with the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) invite you to participate to the new event taking place on June 19th and 20th in Paris on: Contribution of traditional ecological knowledge and modern technologies in a Changing Arctic.

The Arctic is a major priority of scientific collaboration between France and Norway and is is especially exposed to climate change, undergoing fast-paced transformations. Its natural resources attract all kinds of industries, from fisheries to oil drilling, while local communities are going through important socio-economic changes. These rapid modifications have led to significant degradations of the local biodiversity, which in turn affect different sectors of the economy, like reindeer herding or fishing.

This seminar aims to tackle local population’s adaptation to these evolutions in the Arctic’s industry and biodiversity, in a climate change context. How can modern technology, social and biological science work collaboratively with local and indigenous ecological knowledge? We will focus on the contribution of traditional ecological knowledge and modern technologies, as well as the complex interactions between them.

 The seminar will last a day and a half, with a full day of presentations and debates, followed by half a day of collaborative work in groups. Please find more the programme and register here.

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