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Global Growth Hydrogen Market Visit

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Join Innovation Norways Global Growth Hydrogen France program - An export program for ambitious Norwegian companies with relevant applications for the French hydrogen and CCUS sector! The French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce is supporting this program and will help to build bridges with French public and private organisations.


In the ongoing race to develop low-carbon hydrogen, France is determined to take on a leading role and become a European champion. Strong political will and a solid industrial base are driving the growth of the sector, providing business opportunities in the years to come across the entire value chain. The window of opportunity for Norwegian companies wishing to enter the market is now:


After partaking in this Global Growth program, you will have gained knowledge and understanding of the French hydrogen market, a valuable network of French partners and clients, identified project opportunities as well as have the insight required to succeed in the French hydrogen market.


Follow the link to learn more about the program: Global Growth Hydrogen France (innovasjonnorge.no)


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Nouveaux membres


We are proud to count Kongstein as a new member of our network. Together we will contribute to strengthen the French-Norwegian business community.

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