Covid-19 - Air Liquide Best Practice

In the face of the COVID-19 epidemic outbreak, the Air Liquide group has organized itself all over the world. In each country, the business continuity plans have been activated, and the remote work of the teams have been set up. The Group is fully mobilized to protect the health and safety of its employees, customers, patients and partners with maximum efficiency, while maintaining its activity at the service of industry and health.

In particular, Air Liquide Healthcare employees are more than ever committed to working alongside patients, healthcare professionals and hospitals to fight the pandemic with them. Healthcare teams continue to respond to the increasing need for medical oxygen

In addition, we are working closely with the authorities to increase our production of ventilators for respiratory assistance - this equipment is essential to assist the most affected patients. The production will be doubled in March, and could be multiplied by 4 by June if necessary. 

Protecting the health of our employees, customers, patients and partners, while ensuring the continuity of our services, remains our priority.


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