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Aker Solutions helps produce face protection shields for donating to local hospitals.

Aker Solutions has joined forces with Fieldmade AS to produce medical face protection shields for donating to hospitals in Norway. Their teams in the Oslo are 3D-printing essential parts of the face protection shields which will then be sent to Fieldmade for assembly and distribution. Over the coming month, they will produce more than 2,000 masks which will be donated to health care workers at nearby hospitals, in an effort to help protect them from COVID-19 while they carry out their essential work.

"We want to help with what we can in this difficult situation. We have 3D printers that can produce parts that are essential for the face protection shields, so now we are producing what we can at Tranby and Fornebu. A dedicated team is ensuring the production of the parts at both locations."

Gard Antonsen, Innovation Program Manager at Aker Solutions

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