Covid-19 - BNP Paribas Best Practice

Faced with the Coronavirus epidemic and this unprecedented situation, the BNP Paribas Group is committed by supporting scientific research in the fight against this new virus, by helping the most fragile, the nursing staff, the poor and people who are in a precarious situation.

  • Support for scientific research

BNP Paribas wished to provide the Pasteur Institute with € 1 million to support scientific programs to fight the epidemic and for research to develop a vaccine.

  • Helping the most deprived

But that's not all since the BNP Paribas group wanted to support the homeless and people in precarious situations who are the most exposed to this health crisis. This is why BNP Paribas donated 20,000 Restaurant tickets to the Samusocial of Paris in order to allow homeless people and people in very precarious situations to buy food resources in stores.

In addition, the Group has put and will continue to put its social networks at the service of the Samusocial of Paris campaign which invites businesses and the general public to mobilize in the service of the most disadvantaged.

In addition, BNP Paribas is activating its Emergency & Development Fund in order to provide support for field actions by the French Red Cross and Medecins sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders). The BNP Paribas Emergency & Development Fund enables Group employees to mobilize quickly in the event of a humanitarian emergency by pooling their generosity. Each time an employee makes a donation through the Fund, BNP Paribas doubles the amount.

The aim of this new campaign is to help the French Red Cross open a "national concierge" which will allow volunteers to shop for isolated or vulnerable people who cannot go out as well as those at risk of contamination.

  • Allow access to education

Faced with this unprecedented situation, everything is turned upside down. Although school lessons are kept online, not all homes have a computer. To allow students to follow their education in optimal conditions, BNP Paribas donated 600 computers to Parisian middle school students, who didn’t have any, through associations dedicated to equal opportunities.

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