Retour sur nos 100 ans

An exceptional year of celebration

In 2019, the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (CCFN) celebrated its 100 years of existence (1919-2019) as a gateway to the French-Norwegian business community. Since its creation in 1919 in Christiania (Oslo), the CCFN has been an important player in the development of the business links between France and Norway. Ever since, the relations between the two countries have intensified. More than ever, they must be tightened and sustained around actual challenges.

Many opportunities for cooperation have risen around new topics such as innovation, A.I., digital transformation, with a particular focus given to the fight for climate change mitigation. We now look forward to fostering these ties in order to build a sustainable future. Together with our network of committed members and partners, we aim at raising awareness, promoting values of sustainability, cooperation and transformation, and fostering the development of sustainable solutions in various fields (energy, blue economy, mobility sectors and many more).

As part of the 100Y celebration, we celebrated the historical ties between our two countries while gathering our network around forward-looking events. We are very delighted to have shared this exceptional year of celebration with our members and partners during multiple events organised throughout the year, including three major gatherings in Paris, Oslo and Toulouse.

Part 1: Sustainable Blue Growth Forum

May 24th, Paris

The CCFN and the France-Northern Europe friendship group of the Senate hosted the French-Norwegian Sustainable Blue Growth Forum at the Palais du Luxembourg, premiss of a meaningful celebration. More than 150 participants and experts attended the forum. This was a unique opportunity to celebrate the friendship between France and Norway and foster the bilateral cooperation for a sustainable ocean


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Part 2: French-Norwegian Days 2019 


"Let's build a sustainable future, together" | September 19th-20th, Oslo

Major event of the 100Y celebration: the French-Norwegian Days 2019. A two-day programme based on an insightful conference on sustainable future, a prestigious centenary Gala Dinner and BtoB meetings connecting start-ups and large corporates. More than 220 members, experts and partners met and exchanged throughout the events.


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Part 3: LEX on A.I. and Digital Transformation


"Exploring the potential for cross-industry cooperation" | November 20th-22nd, Toulouse

The CCFN and its partners had the great pleasure to gather an exclusive Norwegian delegation during a three-day mission focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Digital transformation in the Aerospace and Energy industries.


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100 years of French-Norwegian cooperation

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Episode 4: France and Norway: Building a sustainable future, together!



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