Team Norway


Team Norway France (TN) is chaired by the Norwegian Ambassador, and consists of the Norwegian Embassy, Innovation Norway Paris (IN), the Seafood Council, the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (CCFN) and Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP). The stakeholders in TN have a joint mission to promote Norwegian business and industry in France. 

The Embassy, Innovation Norway, the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, the Seafood Council and NORWEP have long worked together to provide assistance to Norwegian business and industry in France and to make a coordinated appearance towards local and national partners. In recent years, cooperation has been strengthened through several joint events, as well as the creation of a digital collaboration room and a common Brand Norway profile.

Norway as an ocean nation and the energy transition will be the most important focus areas for TN’s work with business promotion in the coming years.


Events to come:


 Green Future Solutions            Global Growth Hydrogen            Seanergy           Floating Offshore Wind 




Elna Rosin Project Manager & Business Development
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