Troll gas agreement

  • 1995: The President of the Association of Norwegian Former Students (of France) becomes a member of the Board of the CCFN. This association aims to defend the interest of French diplomas holders. 
  • 13/02/1995: The Norwegian Minister of Industry and Energy, receives  its French counterpart Mr Jose Rossi. Mr Rossi mentions that the important trade deficit is a consequence of the supply of gas to France. Thus, ministers wish to contribute to strengthen the industrial cooperation and to promote the diversification of commercial trades between France and Norway. The working group of the mixed commission is chosen to help this development and the CCFN is asked to participate.
  • 1996: Implementation of the Troll gas agreement in Norway. The Troll field lies in the northern part of the North Sea, around 65 kilometres west of Kollsnes. Containing about 40 per cent of the total gas reserves on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS). Contractual gas deliveries began flowing from the field to continental Europe under the Troll gas sales agreements on the first of October 1996. 
  • 1997: The CCFN and the PEE (Post of Economic Expansion) implement a collaboration, due to the decision of the French Administration to stop some services and leave these to other actors. 
  • 1999: Royal visit in Toulouse the 25, 26 and 27th of May welcomed by the President Chirac.
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