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A frog in the Fjord

We are proud to count A frog in the Fjord as a new member of our network. We will contribute to strengthen the French-Norwegian business community.

A Frog in the Fjord is a company with 10 years of experience in intercultural communication in Norway, with an expertise on teaching foreigners how to integrate in Norway and understand Norwegian working culture. The owner, Lorelou Desjardins, is the author of two bestselling books about Norwegian culture. She is also a columnist in VG, Norway’s most read newspaper, and owns the blog A Frog in the Fjord ( which has several hundreds of thoursands of views every year. She has a 15 years experience in sustainability, human rights and environmental issues in public and private sector.

A Frog in the Fjord provides a variety of services: holds workshops on working with Norwegians, holds conferences and humor-driven presentations on Norwegian culture, writes content for advertisements, tourism agencies, websites. The company also holds conferences on sustainability in the private sector in Norway and Scandinavia and what to look out for for foreign companies opening an office here. All writing and conferences can be held in Norwegian, English or French.
Current/past clients are: Crédit Agricole, OsloMet, University of Oslo, Visit Vestfold, Widerøe, TEDx Trondheim, Diku, Deichman.

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