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Afterwork Entrepreneuriat

October 30th, Oslo

Our Afterwork on Entrepreneurship co-organised with our partners, the UFEN and Crédit Agricole CIB Nordics, took place on the 30th of October in the premises of the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce. Throwback to the highlights of the event. 



Becoming an entrepreneur: what you need to know

Olivier Cauchois gave a presentation about his company, Oslo Patentkontor, and Intellectual Property Rights. Oslo Patentkontor's mission is to assist companies with registering and enforcing IPR by proposing tailored solutions to protect and secure their intangible assets. Find more about Oslo Patentkontor here

Later on, Agathe Tørris introduced the programme VINC dedicated to helping young entrepreneurs develop their project in Norway. To know more about the programme, click here.

Success stories

During the second part of the Afterwork, three start-ups shared their success story and experience:

  • William Hjort-Johansen, co-founder of Ntention | Website 
  • Thomas Martinho, founder of Le Pain | Website
  • Valentin Vandenbussche, co-founder of Endrava | Website

The Start-upper’s Guide, by Crédit Agricole

The presentations and testimonies were concluded with the introduction of the Start-upper’s Guide written by Guillaume Lefebvre, senior country officer at Crédit Agricole CIB Nordics, and in collaboration with VIEs. The flipbook is available online here (free).



We thank all the speakers for having shared their expertise and experience with us, and all the participants for their interest in this event. 




The presentations are available in French here below. 

You can also watch Ntention's video presenting the successful field test of the "Astronaut Smart Glove" here


Photo gallery

You can access the photo gallery of the event by clicking here




Télécharger Presentation_Olivier_Cauchois_Oslo_Patentkontor.pdf  (PDF • 986 Ko) Télécharger Presentation_Agathe_Toerris_VINC.pdf  (PDF • 2 Mo) Télécharger Presentation_Guillaume_Lefebvre_Startupper_s_Guide.pdf  (PDF • 66 Ko)

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