Afterwork "Factory of the Future" during Oslo Innovation Week

The French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and the two High-tech clusters Subsea Valley and French Manufacturing Valley EMC2 Pole organized a tech afternoon on the topic "Factory of the Future". This event was part of the Oslo Innovation Week program and took place at Loftet, Oslo House of Innovation.

The main subjects of this afterwork presented by four speakers were the following:


·         How will new technologies change industrial production, and help creating the high performing, sustainable and environmentally friendly "Factory of the Future"?

·         And how will human factors affect the strategies and leadership of a "Factory of the Future", where people and technology are being integrated more closely and intensively than ever before?


John Jacobsen, CEO and co-founder of Supertanker AS explained how to use creativity as a competitive advantage. His main idea during his speech was the following: creativity is difficult to embrace for many reasons, but perhaps mostly because the result is uncertain, and because many executives are uncomfortable with creative processes.


Philippe Piard, Shipbuilding and Energy Business Development Manager at the Technological Research Institute Jules Verne of Nantes, France shared his insights about cobots, automation, and 3D printing…in order to answer to the following question: How are French companies getting prepared right now for the Factory of the future?

He described the technological solutions from Industrial drivers. He thinks that cobotics, digital factory and mobility are the technological solutions in order to solve problems such as heavy infrastructures investments, focusing operator on added value tasks or flexible and reconfigurable equipment…

Astrid Rusås Kristoffersen, Executive Vice President Solutions from Kongsberg Maritime, showed a video on the project ODIN, an autonomous boat that could be used in turbid waters. FFI (the Norwegian Defense Research Institute) and Kongsberggruppen also develop a full-featured USV unmanned surface vessel for mining operations. In August last year, the Norwegian  Defense Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide baptized the vessel Odin, which will be used as a development platform, among other things. In the future, the Navy wishes to utilize autonomous and modular systems as far as possible. That’s part of the digital transformation of the Norwegian Industry.

The fourth and last speaker, Paula Doyle, who works in Subsea Automation Technology Initiative lead at ABB Start Up lab, presented her organization. The purpose of ABB is to foster a quick evaluation, testing and maturing of new ideas and business opportunities. They try to be the link between ABB and the Start-Up scene in Norway, and to attract and develop new talents at the same time. In conclusion, she suggested 3 new areas for Norwegian Innovation: Aquaculture, New Energy, and Digitalization.

The presentation was followed by a panel discussion featuring the four speakers and moderated by Birgit Jevnaker, Professor and Head of Entrepreneurship Group at Department of Innovation in BI Norwegian Business School.

The keynote program was followed by an informal networking-event, an exclusive tasting of three Champagnes introduced by Pernod Ricard Norway, and Salma sashimis prepared with Olivenlunden 1830 oil and spices.


The CCFN would like to thank all the participants and partners for this successful event.


We look forward to working again with Subsea Valley and Oslo Innovation Week, and hope to see you as numerous at our next event.



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