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We are proud to count Bioceanor as a new member of our network. Together we will contribute to further strengthen the French-Norwegian business.

Bioceanor was founded in 2018 when Samuel and Charlotte Dupont, both marine biologists and working in research institutes, realized the power that data could have on the aquaculture industry. This agronomic field, specialized in the farming of different fish species, is a thriving industry and thus needs to be developed in a sustainable way. In a world where oceans are under the threat of eutrophication, acidification, and pollution, Bioceanor is committed to control these environments by providing a real time surveillance of the water chemicophysical parameters. Moreover, these data combined with strong competences in data sciences give to Bioceanor the ability to develop predictive models, allowing actors from marine environments to anticipate and have a better management of events such as oxygen drops, algal blooms or microbial contaminations.

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Nor-Shipping 2023

Nor-Shipping is where the maritime and ocean industries meet every two years - a natural hub for key decision makers from around the world to connect.

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