"Norway and France have many shared areas of interest in the maritime space"

The CCFN opens its doors to Stål Heggelund, Director Maritime & Aquaculture Sector of the Federation of Norwegian Industries.

The Federation of Norwegian Industries represents and defends the interests of industrial enterprises in Norway. The aim of the federation is to promote Norwegian business through actions to improve the framework conditions.
In January, Stål Heggelund became director of the maritime and aquaculture sector at the Federation of Norwegian Industries, after several years in the aquaculture and marine field, within NCE Aquaculture and the Federation of Norwegian Industries.


You have just been appointed Director Maritime & Aquaculture Sector at the Federation of Norwegian Industries. What are the main challenges facing the Norwegian maritime sector and your ambitions for this new position?  

The Norwegian maritime industry faces many of the same challenges we observe in other European countries. Increased competition from Asian and Turkish shipyards has reduced the number of newbuilds at Norwegian shipyards which in turn puts pressure on local production and value creation. Recruiting skilled workers and convincing the future generations to seek opportunities in the maritime industry are other major obstacles for our sector. All these, in addition to increased maritime exports, are opportunities and challenges the Federation of Norwegian Industries will address on behalf of the maritime industry.   


France is also a leading maritime nation, and President Macron has recently organised the One Ocean Summit in Brest to foster international cooperation for the protection of the oceans. Where do you see a potential for increased cooperation in the maritime sector between France and Norway?

Norway and France have many shared areas of interest in the maritime space. Both countries are well positioned to develop national and international regulations and standards for safe green solutions. Shared development of infrastructure and logistics systems for transport and distribution of new energy carriers should be addressed. Additional potential can be accessed by developing robust and comprehensive value chains in partnership with French and Norwegian maritime clusters.


The French-Norwegian Days 2022 (12-13 October - Oslo), to be organised by the Chamber of Commerce and its partners, will focus on a « French-Norwegian approach towards a sustainable blue growth” and will aim at connecting bilateral key public and private players. On which specific topics could we collaborate with you and your network for this event?

Safety and health challenges relating to new fuel solutions and research efforts relating to technical safety, accident prevention and rescue operations for employees and passengers are areas that can be addressed. French-Norwegian collaboration that enables demonstration and testing of green solutions through zero emission in marine transport is another possibility.


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