Digital Competences and Solutions transforming the Energy industry

The French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce organised in cooperation with Norwegian Energy Partners NORWEP and EVOLEN a bilateral Energy Forum in Paris on the 31st of May on the topic Digital Competences and Solutions transforming the Energy industry. More than 140 companies from France and Norway attended this event.

Following a political introduction from H.E. Ingvil Smines Tybring-Gjedde, Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Energy in Norway, Key note speakers from Total, Statoil, ENGIE, Aker BP, Technip FMC, Schneider Electric, Schlumberger... emphasized the significance of digital solutions in the Energy industry. The Energy industry is already extensively using IT technology and digitalisation, but the rapid technological development generates new opportunities.

All the companies in the energy sector are today massively investing in the digital transformation of their business. Towards 2020 Statoil expects to invest NOK 1-2 billion in new digital technologies, accelerating the digital roadmap work.

The main challenge for most of the companies is today how to build the most accurate, scalable and secured digital platform which will improve work processes, predict maintenance needs and therefore optimize asset management. Advanced data analytics will lead to better decision making. Artificial Intelligence will improve safety and security by replacing human activity in dangerous operations. Reliability will be enhanced and cost reduced.

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