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We are very pleased to welcome ECOTREE as a member of the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce.

EcoTree is a simple and ground-breaking new way to reward individuals and businesses that support sustainable forestry. We own and nurture forest land, so you (as a firm or an individual) can own the trees. Together, we grow vibrant forests in Europe, which preserve the diversity of plant and animal life and contribute to the planet’s vital capture of CO2. When your tree’s contribution to CO2 capture eventually declines, it is cut and sold for high-quality timber at minimal impact to the forest. And all the revenue goes to you, thereby more or less doubling up your initial investment. That's how you'll be rewarded for your environmental-friendly action!

We’re passionate about growing living proof that forests can flourish AND provide at the same time!

For more information about EcoTree, please visit their website.

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