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"France is an important business partner for Norway and could develop even more"

The CCFN opens its doors to Leif Nordhus, Managing Director at Circular Norway.

So far, what are the most significant measures Norway has implemented to foster the development of a circular economy?

First I will say there are many circular initiatives already and more coming up both within Norwegian industry, many businesses and municipalities. The Norwegian government launched “klimaplan 2030” in January having one chapter describing circular economy. We will say “it was a good start”.

However I think most people have been waiting for the government to launch “The first strategy for circular economy for Norway” and hence most businesses still are waiting to start changing into a circular economy.


According to the Circularity Gap Report Norway published by Circular Norway in 2020, 2.4% of the Norwegian economy is now circular. What are the next steps to push it further and what opportunities will it represent for companies?

Circular Norway launched the Circularity Gap Report last year to set a base line for the circularity in Norway and launched 6 different scenarios for how Norway can increase circularity to about 46%. Now we arrange webinars and launch digital tools to increase circularity in business, and we gain a lot of interest because our tools address the current situation combining this with key strategies for increasing circularity and new business models. We hope the coming strategy will open up for more circular procurement and regulations both for public and private which will create a bigger and stronger circular market. This will accelerate innovation and job creation.


In which fields could France and Norway collaborate for a more circular world?

Many French good and circular companies are already established in Norway. We welcome more of such companies for to collaborate and learn. France adapted extensive circular regulations and legislations in 2020. Being a part of EU, France is an important business partner for Norway and could develop even more,  but then Norwegian business has to align to these new regulations which I think they will.


We will have the pleasure to count Circular Norway as an official partner of the French-Norwegian Days 2021 “Towards a Greener Economy”, to be held the 14th and 15th of October in Oslo. What message would you address to the French companies interested in developing collaborations in Norway or with Norwegian companies?

It is not possible to achieve the green shift and transition to circular economy alone. We need to work together. Collaboration is about learning from each other, creating innovations and challenge linear economy. This is a win-win situation for both parties including partners and customers.

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