Fransk-Norsk Trophée 2021

The Fransk-Norsk Trophée is an award given by the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in partnership with BNP Paribas. It rewards a company, an organisation or an individual, having contributed in a special way to the development of trade and/or industrial cooperation between the two countries. It is the only award of its kind, which concerns trade between France and Norway.

This award is not essentially based on quantitative results, but mostly on qualitative ones. The candidates are judged according to the following criteria: strategy, innovation and progress, development and commitment towards the community, development of partnerships, public responsibility and financial criteria.


Sarrazac AS is the laureate for 2021


By this Trophy, the Jury valued this year a French company whose activity in Norway is remarkable.

Sarrazac AS was founded in 2005 by a food-loving Norwegian who found the real "French" name after a tour of southwestern France when searching for suppliers. When the new owner, Alain Lahouratate, took over in 2010, it was natural for him to continue with the established name. Sarrazac now sells the traditional French products and delicacies in more than 200 points of sell in Norway and online.

Some of the previous winners of this prestigious trophée were : Schibsted ASA, Total, Olivenlunden, Salma, Technip, Alstom, Steria, Norsk Hydro, Peugeot Norge, Yara, Air Liquide…

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