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French-Norwegian cooperation agreement for Blue Growth

The French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (CCFN) and the French Maritime Cluster (CMF) signed a MoU on Friday 24th of May, during the Sustainable Blue Growth Forum, organized by the CCFN at the Palais du Luxembourg (the Senate) in Paris. This event brought together 150 top representatives from France and Norway, experts in maritime, energy, aquaculture and CCUS sectors.

The "blue" economy is now unanimously considered as one of the major challenges of growth and sustainable development in Europe and worldwide.

The French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce benefits from a network of 150 member companies, 9,000 contacts, and a committee on blue growth. Its vocation is to promote and support economic development between the two countries.

The French Maritime Cluster (CMF) aims to promote the maritime economy of France and its stakeholders. Conceived as a real business-generating ecosystem, the Cluster makes it possible to create or develop synergies with other clusters or chambers of commerce in France, in Europe or internationally. It brings together 430 member entities representing companies, associations and federations, communities, regions of the French coast having all or part of their activities related to the sea.

In order to develop bilateral cooperation on blue growth, the CCFN and the CMF have agreed on a principle of information sharing as well as on B2B connections and meetings between the two entities and on behalf of their respective members.


> Forum Sustainable Blue Growth Forum / 24th of May, Paris


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> Mission Cleantech & Smart City / 19th-20th of September, Oslo 

> French-Norwegian Forum: Sustainable Future / 19th of September / BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo


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