French-Norwegian meetings in the maritime sector

As part of the French-Norwegian E-forum 2020, A Smart & Clean Ocean, the CCFN arranged B2B meetings between French and Norwegian companies.

The purpose of this mission was to give French startups an opportunity to pitch their activities to Norwegian companies, to exchange ideas, learn from each other and to discuss potential future collaborations. In total, 18 B2B meetings took place.

For the mission, four French startups were selected:

Pixel sur Mer: Reliability, innovation, performance... Pixel sur Mer develops and installs high-tech equipment used for navigation. The team offers customized solutions in the fields of marine electronics and hardware. Their commitment goes beyond their expertise. The deep knowledge of the ocean and of sailors is an invaluable asset to better understand the needs of their customers and support their projects. Pixel sur Mer offers system integration, optic fiber, R&D and customized engineering.

DYG Energy: DYG Energy is specialized in business development of innovative products and solutions for industrial application with the goal to reduce energy waste in existing infrastructure but also to provide zero emission solution to the industry for a sustainable future. The objective is to identify those future technologies and support its integration to the energy ecosystem ensuring highest safety, reliability, availability and efficiency of the customer process.

Unseenlabs: The European leader in satellite borne elint/sigint technology. Unseenlabs provides civilian and military actors in the maritime sector with the ability to locate ships by detecting and characterizing their passive electromagnetic signature. They are able to track any ship, anywhere, anytime, where other systems cannot. Unseenlabs works with fisheries, civil government, insurance, ship owners/maritime agencies, offshore energy, business intelligence and maritime protection.

Pixstart: Pixstart delivers insights without precedence from satellite imagery, bringing geostrategic and geomarketing services to organizations. Their methodology leverages scientific satellites & Artificial Intelligence algorithms to create valuable services. Thanks to satellite observation, they are capable of detecting specific elements and quantify content of water, atmosphere, vegetation. The data and statistics generated allow them to synthesize information at different scales.


“A very interesting opportunity to present and promote our expertise and solutions to the Norwegian maritim business. First exchanges with various economic participants. We can plan a continuity in our approach to economic development in this area.”

- Pixel sur Mer

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