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We are very pleased to welcome DEEP GREEN HOLDING - HVELV as a member of the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce.

90% of businesses created go broke within a year of creation. Main reason? No market need. 

Remy Dutour, managing director at Deep Green Holding, decided to take on the challenge of addressing this trend by founding Hvelv. 

Hvelv acts towards sustainability by connecting impact and innovation. Its mission is to be an intermediary entity between donors looking to contribute to the preservation of the environment and innovative/sustainable-focused tech companies, looking to validate their sustainable business ideas during their development phase. 

The fund is designed for individual donors (small, institutional and governmental) who want to financially contribute to a clean environmental and eco-friendly future for the generations to come, towards micro and mini-micro capitalisation firms and non-profit organisations.

Hvelv intends to be an active contributor towards the sustainable development goals defined by the UN.


To find more information about Hvelv, click here



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