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Innovation Norway is the Government’s most important instrument for innovation and business development. We offer capital and competence so that ideas and companies can grow. With offices in all regions of Norway and nearly 30 countries, we connect Norwegian solutions with international markets and partners – and vice versa.

If you consider taking your business to the French market, our export team at Innovation Norway Paris is here to help. Together with the Norwegian Embassy in Paris and CCFN, we make up Team Norway, and offer several export-oriented services and programmes

Financing: Innovation Norway offers a range of grants, loans and tax incentive schemes. For example, our Innovation contracts and support scheme for environmental technology  can support you and your French partner with technology development and commercialisation of joint projects.

Advisory services and export programmes: Our country office offers strategic advice and operational assistance during your internationalization process, including advice on market structures, competition and local requirements. We can connect you to relevant local business partners, distributors or clusters.

EU advisory and support for H2020 applications: There are large amounts of financing available through the EU system. Innovation Norway’s team of dedicated EU advisors can help you identify relevant funding opportunities, and connect you with international partners.

Our export centre in Oslo offers technical export advice on issues such as international contracts, customs, IPs, export documents, marking, labelling and product standards.

The is the official marketplace for Norwegian green technology, where you can showcase your solution to an international and French audience. 

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