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We are very pleased to welcome ION BATTERY SYSTEMS as a member of the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce.

ION BATTERY SYSTEMS was created in Spring 2019 in partnership with SOCOMEC and Guerlain Chicherit to design, manufacture and market lithium batteries as well as mobile, autonomous, and virtuous solutions for electricity production, storage, and distribution.

IBS's offer start with the manufacture of battery packs from lithium cells that they buy on the market, from small to medium capacity automotive types, to meet growing demand from integrators (OEM). It extends to the study and implementation of electrical storage solutions from 2KWh to 2MWh, from the ultra-compact suitcase to the mobile container, connected to their energy production sources. It thus enables them to combine performance and safety while meeting the challenge of environmentally friendly energy anywhere needed.


For more information about Ion Battery Systems and their activity, please visit their website.

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