Longship, a major step forward on CCS

As you may know, the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce has been actively working, since as early as 2015, to support Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) on a bilateral level. CCS/CCUS is definitely part of the equation to combat climate change, but also to support the industry and therefore employment in Europe. In October, the Norwegian government launched "Longship", the largest industrial climate project so far.

Together with our partners both in France and Norway, we see a momentum to work closer on CCS in 2021. We will organize a French-Norwegian CCS E-Forum during the first quarter to meet again virtually and explore further opportunities for new cooperation. The date and practicalities will be communicated to our members and partners very soon. In the meantime, please find more information about the Longship project here.

Illustration: OED -Miksmaster Creative


Contact: Ludovic Caubet, caubet(@)ccfn.no

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