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Digitalization has revolutionized many industries including hospitality and online sales, shaping new expectations. Today, people increasingly demand simple, connected, and transparent experiences.Despite being the service industry par excellence, car distribution has still not joined in on this transformation.

The consequent: difficulties in engaging customers after the sale of a car therefore leading to low loyalty.

At Roadbook, they strongly believe that digitization is a key factor in order to succeed in ensuring customers’ satisfaction as well as facilitating internal processes at the dealership.

Following this vision, their solution seeks to improve your customers’ engagement in their relationship with your Company.

How?  By creating a customer app that you can easily manage through a back-office, which in turn, is connected to a maximum of your tools (DMS, planning, billing, loyalty programs...) and business experts (VIN generator, car image generator, concierge services...).

Through this app, your customers become more involved as they can manage all the needs related to their vehicle at any time. For you, not only does it mean a new channel of communication, but also more efficient processes as your systems are automatically updated by your customers.

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Nouveaux membres


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