The CCFN in 2021: the right balance between face-to-face and digital events

In spite of the instability due to the pandemic, the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce managed to develop its activity in 2021 both in France and in Norway. We have taken the keys offered by this exclusive situation to adapt ourselves resulting in finding a good balance between face-to-face and digital events. We have recently been able to gather and host delegations again. It allowed us to extend our network further and identify hot topics for future events and projects.

We managed to strengthen French-Norwegian business through our Team France Export program in Norway, supporting in 2021 107 French companies entering the Norwegian market (60 in 2020). We have also deeply developed our cooperation with the Team Norway in Paris.

We are now focusing on 2022 and are already looking forward to meeting you soon again if the sanitary context will allow it. Next year will hopefully follow 2021 steps with a forthcoming promising political alignment between France and Norway resulting in even more opportunities for industrial and commercial cooperation.

Many events will focus on Sustainability, Decarbonization, Energy, Ocean industries and Digital transformation. We will organize new committees, forums, learning expeditions, food and wine tastings, afterworks and seminars. Click here to find out more about the calendar of our events.


Photo credit: Frédéric Boudin

Événements à venir


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