The Ocean Framework: soon a webinar to discover an innovative tool to integrate to your company’s CSR strategy

Climate change and biodiversity preservation are two of the biggest environmental challenges humanity is facing today. Business has a key role to play, and fighting against excessive climate change, adapting to its unavoidable impacts, and preserving biodiversity are at the forefront of CSR strategies and communication for companies.

The Ocean is the cornerstone of these two priorities: it is the main climate regulator, as it absorbs 30% of carbon emission and 90% of excessive heat generated by human activity. Moreover, 80% of biodiversity of the planet is found in the ocean, providing the world’s population with a large percentage of their protein intake and allowing for the development of medical treatments.

The ocean’s health and integrity are critical for the planet and for human life, and they suffer a lot from unsustainable development: global warming, acidification, extinction of species, destruction of key ecosystems such as coral reefs and mangroves.

Yet, according to a recent international survey by PWC, only one company out of seven integrate the Ocean in their CSR and communication strategies.

To help companies worldwide consider and act concretely to protect and sustainably exploit the ocean’s resources, France’s Fondation de la Mer, has created the Ocean Framework: a user-friendly tool organized around three broad areas of corporate activity or interaction with the ocean environment. Within each of these areas of activity, the dashboard identifies both general types of impact on the ocean and specific impacts or areas for mitigation; for each specific impact or area for mitigation, in turn, it provides companies with both levers and indicators for measuring the effects of the levers.

Built with and for companies, in collaboration with the French Ministry of Ecology and with support from the Boston Consulting Group, it has been successfully tested and is already used by companies. It is the world first tool to provide companies from every sector of activity, with concrete ways to measure interactions and act in favour of the Ocean.

The Ocean framework is already available, in open access, on the Fondation de la Mer web site

Early 2021 a webinar will be organized to present this tool and share the experience of pioneer users.

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