The PSA Group was the first automobile manufacturer to contribute to the balance of trade of France in 2016 with nearly €5 billion of surplus

• Surplus of 328,000 vehicles exported 
• €4.816 billion of automobile trade surplus

In 2016, the PSA Group was the first automobile manufacturer and the second contributor, over all business segments, in terms of contribution to the trade balance of France, by generating a surplus of €4.816 billion*.
Industry wide, the PSA Group is the first automobile manufacturer with more than one million vehicles and 80% of its engines and gear boxes manufactured on the French territory in 2016. French production of the PSA Group increased by 1.3% compared to 2015, representing more than one-third of its world production.

The five vehicle production plants and the eleven component manufacturing plants employ nearly 70% of the Company's workforce worldwide.

Due to its major industrial presence in France, 17 vehicles of Peugeot, Citroën and DS brands are labelled "Guaranteed French Origin" by the Pro France Association.
With engineering expertise based in 4 sites in France, the PSA Group has been the top patent applicant in France for eight years.

The Company will abide with its commitments made as part of the NEC ("New Start for Growth") agreement signed by five out of six trade union organisations, representing 80% of the Company's employees. The NEC specifies one million vehicles manufactured and recruitment of 1,000 permanent employees over the lifetime of the agreement as well as the inclusion of 2,000 young people, through a new "Intergenerational Contract" to prepare for the future.

 "In the name of all employees of the PSA Group, I am proud that we are again the automobile manufacturer that contributes the most to the trade balance of France. The continuous improvement of our competitiveness is in the service of the industry and economy of France" declared Carlos Tavares, Chairman of the Managing Board of the PSA Group.

*New vehicles, spare parts and replacement parts

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