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Today Air France and KLM set a new standard for sustainable aviation

As from today both Air France and KLM will add Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) to all tickets with a departure from France and the Netherlands. This means that all passengers will have a more sustainable journey and the usage of SAF will increase drastically with the end goal to reduce CO2 emissions.

Air France and KLM are convinced that the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) will be one of the main drivers to reach the net zero ambition by 2050, as these non-fossil fuels can reduce the aviation CO2 footprint by up to 75 % over their entire life cycle. 

 “Today, SAF production worldwide covers only around 0,1 % of the total fuel usage of the aviation industry. We need to increase this usage and that is why we are now gradually incorporating SAF in all our flights departing from France and the Netherlands as from January 2022. Since the majority of Air France and KLM passengers have a stopover or a transfer in France or the Netherlands, we are happy to offer our customers a more sustainable product. Compared to the previous year the group will double the total use of sustainable aviation fuel in 2022” says Gijs van Popta, General Manager Air France and KLM North Europe. 

As from today Air France and KLM include SAF in the price of their tickets – a fully transparent contribution dedicated to purchasing SAF – to further speed up the road towards a more sustainable aviation. This contribution will be applied to all flights departing from, or with transit in, France and the Netherlands and it ranges from 1€ per flight within Europe to up to 4€ for intercontinental flights in Economy class.   

“At the same time as we are adding SAF to all our tickets, we will also offer our customers buying their tickets online the option to further reduce their CO2 emissions by investing in additional Sustainable Aviation Fuel.  This means that each and every customer can decide how sustainably they want to fly. We know that there is a big demand for a more sustainable aviation and we are convinced that our customers will appreciate the option to add as much SAF as they would like”, says Gijs van Popta, General Manager Air France and KLM North Europe. 


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Link to AF website:


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