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Business and Legal Aspects of Co-Innovation and Cross-Industrial Cooperation between France and the Nordics

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Business and legal experts from French and Nordic countries will share their experiences and best practices on Innovation and Cross-industrial cooperation.


Programme (CET)

9:00 - Welcome and introduction to the webinar

  • Claudine Smith, CEO of BNP Paribas Norway & Vice-President of the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce

9:10 - Roundtable: Experience sharing from corporates

  • Edward Jobson, Senior Director of Business Strategy at Volvo
  • Didier Lapalus, Tender Director at Alstom Transport Norway
  • Christophe Jovet, Director of Enersense France

9:55 - Roundtable - Best legal practices and concrete recommendations

  • Vaughan Avocats (France): Thomas Fernandez-Boni and Bruno Courtine
  • Hjort (Norway): Claude Lenth and Thomas E. Alnæs
  • Horten (Denmark): Jonas Enkegaard
  • Hellström (Sweden): Anna Fernqvist Svensson
  • Hedman Partners (Finland): Kalle Pedak

10:20 - Conclusion


Moderators: Thomas Fernandez-Boni (Vaughan Avocats) and Alexia Colson-Duparchy (B.Right Brains Co.)


This webinar will be held on Zoom.


This event is organised by:

  • the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce
  • the French-Swedish Chamber of Commerce
  • the French-Finnish Chamber of Commerce

In cooperation with:

  • Vaughan Avocats
  • Hjort
  • Horten
  • Hedman Partners
  • Hellström


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