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Telework and remote work: new challenges for the Nordic and French companies

 Work from anywhere and work from home are set to raise firm perfomance and better life balance. But some challenges still need to be adressed. During this conference, an overview of French, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and Swedish law as well as main topic and issues pertaining to teleworking will be discussed. Our expert will also focus on the main challenges and pitfalls that companies face and will answer to any questions you may have during the round table.

Here is the program:

 Introduction : CCFF – Marie-Zoe Belon – Laitinen

Overview of local legislation Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France  – HEDMAN PARTNER

Challenges based on business cases : KOPPER – Thomas Fernandez Boni

International remote work – KOPPER – Sandra Thiry

Employer of Record– practical solutions for remote workers – DEEL – Lorena Rodriguez

Round table : law firms (France – KOPPER – Thomas Fernandez-Boni & Sandra Thiry) Finland – HEDMAN PARTNER – Kalle Pedak Sweden – HELLSTROM – Denmark –Jonas Enkegaard Norway : HJORT – Claude Leth International – DEEL Lorena Rodriguez 


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