Hans Halvorsen

One of the founders of the Chamber of Commerce

Hans Halvorsen was a strong socially involved businessman who, through half a century, held leading positions and honorary offices in the private sector, in the state and municipality.

His signature on the CCFN’s creating act of 1919 shows that he was one of the founders of the Chamber, along with Johan Steen and Fred Olsen.

In the 1920s, as Norway was hit by the deflationary crisis he made a significant contribution to the rescue work to save banks and businesses from bankruptcy. In 1909-21 he was the Portuguese consul in Kristiania, and in the 1920s he served as chairman of the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce.

During World War II, after the occupation of Norway, he was one of the first to take up work on the home front. Hans Halvorsen was a commander of the French Legacy Legion.

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