Industrie agroalimentaire

Agri-food industry

The French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce organises immersive learning expeditions about unfamiliar contents and allows you to meet stakeholders of the French and Norwegian ecosystems with moments of reflection and creative production.


The French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce organised from the 14th to the 16th of October 2019 a learning expedition about the agri-food industry in Norway.


As part of their studies in the food sector, a French delegation of students had a project of learning expedition in a foreign country. The country of choice was Norway. Each student works part time in a French food company and is studying the rest of the time.

During three days, the delegation had the opportunity to visit three establishments from the agri-food sector located in the surroundings of Oslo. These were specialised in the production of ready meals, sausages and canned food. The group expressed its stupefaction concerning the level of automation of each of the companies visited. The Norwegian food industry is indeed well-equipped with modern and efficient machines and technologies. The visits allowed the delegation to gain a good understanding of the Norwegian market.




Aurélie MAJDA, Sourcing Manager at IFRIA BFC


We entrusted our project of industrial visits in Norway to the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (CCFN) as part of an educational school trip. The CCFN made contact with local actors of the agri-food industry and organised three days of visits in the Oslo area. On-site, the visits and contacts were facilitated by a CCFN consultant who accompanied our group during the excursion. It allowed us to learn more about the culture, the traditions and the customs of the country. We are very grateful to the CCFN for its involvement ahead of and during our trip.


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