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The French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce organised a learning expedition for a delegation of Norwegian Energy companies including an Oil & Gas operator, Oil & Gas suppliers, digital experts from NORWEP and the University of Oslo (SIRIUS) to participate in a workshop organised at Airbus Headquarter in Toulouse.

The main goal of the learning expedition was to get insights on the French Aeronautics/Aerospace Digital Transformation and study potential for digital cross-industry cooperation between the Aerospace & Energy industries.

“Digital transformation is a race!”  did our interlocutor in charge of the new Airbus digital platform tell us. Airbus is building one big platform consolidating all information about all products, and the key for a successful platform is to bring enough flexibility in term of adding and removing applications and its capacity to have a user centric conception. French and Norwegian participants of the workshop shared information about corporate organisation of DTO, ways of structuring digital platforms, cloud vs. on premise data storage…

During the workshop, we identified several relevant topics showing synergies and potential for cooperation between the two industries. The fruitfull exchange of ideas highlight subjects on which both industries could collaborate in order to be more efficient. The ideas which have emerged from those debates may be used by the participants in their companies in order to be more efficient thanks to digital solutions. 


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Ludovic Caubet Managing Director
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