Mobilité verte

Green mobility

The French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce organize immersive learning expeditions about unfamiliar contents to meet stakeholders and immerse yourself in French or Norwegian ecosystems with moments of reflection and creative production.

France and Norway are both countries where Climate change has a high priority on the political agenda. February 27th Norwegian 2018 Prime Minister Solberg and French President Macron met in Paris, and expressed a clear interest of improving and facilitating increased cooperation between French and Norwegian enterprises. Especially the fields of entrepreneurship, climate change and digitalization were emphasized as desirable business areas for bilateral collaboration. The French-Norwegian chamber of commerce wish to answer this request by providing an arena to explore the opportunities of French-Norwegian cooperation within CleantTech, Sustainable Mobility & Hydrogen

The goal of this learning expedition is to communicate about all the solutions companies can implement to become eco-friendly but also to promote Oslo Oslo as the leading European green capital and initiate new business and institutional cooperation between companies, start-ups, clusters, academics… To do so the 25th and 26th of September 2018 the French Norwegian Chamber of Commerce organized a learning expedition centred on Green Mobility. This journey started with presentations based on the theme of green mobility to inform the participants about the solutions Norway implemented. Then B to B meetings between the French delegation and members of OREEC took place during the afternoon. The second day started with industrial visits  and ended with a participation to other OIW events. 

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Ludovic Caubet Managing Director
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