Hundreårsjubileum 2019


This year the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce is celebrating its 100 years anniversary. Behind its creation, on August 19, 1919 in Christiania (Oslo), was a French-Norwegian group of businessmen who wished to get organised in order to improve the commercial and industrial cooperation between the two countries. 

Since the creation of the CCFN, the relations between France and Norway have intensified and we now see many opportunities on new themes such as innovation, mobility, digital transformation and the fight against climate change. This 3-digit counter is a unique opportunity to promote the values of sustainability, cooperation and transformation through the centenary celebrations in both France and Norway. A rich program, under the sign of durability has been established with our members and partners. Here are two of the major events that you may already note in your diaries:

  • 23rd and 24th of May 2019: « Sustainable Blue Growth » Forum at the Senate in Paris including the 100th General Assembly of the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and a Norwegian Cocktail. The main goal of this forum about Blue Growth is to promote innovative solutions and to reinforce bilateral cooperation in the fields of maritime transport, fishing/aquaculture, new energies and CCS (Carbon Capture Storage).
  • 16th to 21st of September 2019: We will be organising a French week in Oslo with a “Sustainable Future” Forum taking place on the 19th of September, marking the 100th anniversary of the CCFN. It will be followed by a prestigious Gala Dinner.  The French week that we will be organising in collaboration with the French Embassy, our members, the City of Oslo and a selection of partners, will aim to show the best of France and its culture. Several events will be organized throughout the week. The main goal of the Forum on the 19th of September will be to promote good practices that will enable us to consider a sustainable future in the areas of green growth, smart cities, Corporate Social Responsibility as well as digital transformation based on ethical principles
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